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We, at Iskcon Infotech Pte Ltd, offer a complete range of software and consulting services such as business & technology consulting, ecommerce and internet consulting, system integration and custom application. We provide and deliver business solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics and it covers business analysis and process definition, solution design, development, Data migration, implementation, Project management, User Training and support maintenance.


Our core competency is our outstanding ability to execute a large-scale deployment of a software solution. This ability is fueled by the excellence of our consulting base.


Iskon infotech utilizes offshore development resources to complete labor intensive programming efforts during an install. The process is fully managed by Iskcon InfotechTechnologies.


Iskon infotech some of the most advanced techniques to provide a flexible and reproducible training program.

Business Consulting

Our Management consulting teams work in a result-oriented manner. They help you to critically analyse factors that impact your business performance. We put under the microscope and analysis your existing barriers to business growth and develop pragmatic strategies for a quantum improvement.

Trading @ Iskcon Infotech Inc

Goods & Services We Deal In:
1.Aluminium Ingots
2.Copper Ingots
3.Ball Mill related to Cement Projects
4.Soda Ash Chemicals
5.Refractory Bricks
7.Machinery related with Rolling projects like Stand, Mill, Motors, Cooling bed, Refractory items, Tools and Tackles.
9.Crucibles and there stand
10.Weigh Bridge

1.Technical support related to project: We offer the person technical support relating to different types of Project for Cement Project Ball Mill installation, Weight Bridge calibration, For Lead plants restructuring, For Furnaces installation of Bricks for furnace, Preliminary Engineering estimates, 3-D modeling, Equipment Specification, Pressure test & other instrument related services.

2.Mechanical support: We offer the support related to installation of Machinery & Spare parts, Brief operation, Layouts designed for constructability, reliability, operations, & maintenance, Equipment specification development.

3.Electrical Support: Electrical system Analysis, installation of Panel, Online and offline Site assistance, Control and Interface Penal Design, Low-High Voltage Design, Lighting Design and installation. , Electrical grounding.

4.Commissioning: Cost estimating and overall analysis, detailed analysis of operation, Meet with client to determine specific need and concern, create a customized check list based on client needs, assemble all information

collected during the project planning, design and construction, instrumentation, online and offsite assistance before and after commissioning.

5.Labour Management for Plants: Labour utilization, Experienced professionals and personnel we provide as per plant requirement, We also provides the Electronic labor inventory accountability, reports includes man hour used on a particular task with individual performance.

6.Drawings and Diagrams: Layout designed for constructability , reliability operations and maintenance, Field Supervision, Design calculation, design criteria development, Design includes Process design, mechanical design, piping design, structural design, control system design, process design.

7.Spare Parts and there related consultancy: Take samples and field reading, verify theoretical and actual equipment capacities, make recommendation to obtain better result, troubleshoot the actual problem and then adjust equipment/spare parts accordingly.

8.Tour and travel management for the person travelling : Management of person travelling to abroad for project related activity, planning of accommodation, arrangement of tickets.

Project Management

Our methodology makes it possible for our consultants to focus on the implementation as project management and implementation methodology are tested and proven. We will offer our customers the followings:

  • 1. Streamlined business process and procedures
  • 2. Better customer satisfactory
  • 3. Enhance final results
  • 4. Documentation for knowledge transfer
  • 5. Ensure a high quality of deliverables
  • 6. Reduce the implementation time frame

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